Their shoulders are broad, and their chest is deep-set, showing their heritage as a working cat keeping away vermin in shops and homes throughout France. The Chartreux is a rare breed of domestic cat from France and is recognised by a number of registries around the world. I love him and just want to find a good home. All very friendly and have been handled by young toddlers. There is a BLUE boy and a CREAM girl available now, and a CHOCOLATE AND CREAM girls and 2CREAM boys in 3 weeks. You dont have to worry about supporting illegal breeding farms when you buy a Chartreux kitten through us, either. How can I help my Chartreux settle into my home? Wormed Hes very anxious but when its just the two of us, hes the biggest teddy bear in the world full of smooches and snuggles. Very cuddly babies that would be suitable for any type of family as we also have 2 young children Our kittens are fed on adva, Dalmatian kittens VaxedVet checked 2m3f healthy need loving home, Mum is pure white and was an unwanted pet ,she loves to follow me around the paddock when I feed my horses and keeps me company when working dad unknown Kittens vaccinated microchipped vet checked wormed flea treated We understand you are keen to play with your new kitty. These guys are properly weaned so no problems for you Vaccinated These felines originated in France, where their history goes as far back as 1747 where they first appeared in paintings. Mum had advocate My experience with pure breed was amazing!! Males are larger than females. // -->