He needs to get a clue about celebrity stalking, and fast. It was - what would DL know? Sam is good at marketing (apart from the straight Sam image of course, which he just cannot credibly bring off). Rant over !! ), and of course hed really really like to be Bond) but when it comes to straightwashing/ bearding JA never seems to learn about making it less clumsy. Yep - And the latest acrobatic effort seems to be insisting that calling Heughan gay is a 'default explanation' due to shippers' sadness and anger at finally seeing through the PR fuckery that has gone on for so long. The questions about Heugan being gay will never go away. Bit of a track record, SH. He is best known for portraying Jamie Fraser on Outlander since 2014. So bring on the breadcrumbs. combined with his work schedule. So he's a misogynist, a homophobe? "The words of a President matter, at their best they can inspire, at their worst they can incite"- @JoeBiden #Decency pic.twitter.com/YFMTvNWeYS. Heughans far too busy advertising Clif Bars and United Airlines to go to Hollywood parties. It would be astonishing if he were not objectified after all that posturing . All around old, dusty, and hopeless. Exit one potential gf. SH is his cash-cow (or maybe bull calf - after all, SH is incredibly adept at bull). There's no way Vin Diesel is gonna allow another film, even one of his own, to get in the way of Fast9, the next entry in his Fast and Furious money machine, which IS a summer movie, due out in May. He was certainly not relaxed but that could have been because his too tight purple suit was cutting off his circulation !He is obviously very passionate about whisky. Follow. Of course SH may not have been deliberately feeding the goss but he knows what is on tumblr and he could have reined it in if he had wanted to he didnt. Wonder whatever happened to this guy, Ross Morrell MrRoss86? bat-cat-reader: Hello, I make a query. My heart burst!, The greatest post in the history of Instagram!. The sight of Sam Heughan, the actor best-known for his role as Jamie Fraser on Outlander, seated before me in a black leather moto jacket feels almost impossible at first a testament to his. Sounds familiar indeed, no coincidences so this is simply Viewpoint's strategy? are just a few.(none of the pictures are mine and do not . Nobody would have noticed his whiskey, without the Outlander fandom. There was a time when I didnt want to think about it. Here's a very symbolic manip And here's the real pic with Sam and Graham. Etc. On the list I do like the idea of some of the impersonators - a Heughan impersonator could probably make a mint with the worshippers (but then of course they'd be sued by the man himself). Years before he buried himself in the closet (in 2011) , Sam told one of his closest friends that there was NOTHING STRAIGHT about his Bat: Sam Heughan Verified account @SamHeughan Reply to @amy_shiels @amy_shiels ain't nothing straight about my Bat, you know that! Lets hope Heughan doesn't end up looking like Vin Diesel..no hair, bulge upon bulge of gristle and a 38 ' DD Cup ' Bust !! We all know, that he can do much better if he is relaxed. - Hunts with aggressive flock members such as Shitner and Camuso. Her facebook page can be accessed through Google - sweptawaybybooks. for OL S1, when his character was more round(and not flat like now). [So You Can't Be A Really Nice Man And Be In The Closet? I know theyre not popular but I love those shoes! Sorry about the size - difficulties loading the damn thing - there are better shots, with her even closer during his on camera interview, but they wouldn't load at all. The trouble is when he gets what he will no doubt see as good publicity like this article, it only encourages him to keep Monty and Melissa on the payroll. A bit awkward to want it both ways now. So healthy. Sad. Great public image, Sammy - needy, greedy, seedy. He is a fine actor, although I think theatre and to a lesser extent tv are his strongpoints rather than movies, where he tends to get lost on the screen a bit or subsumed into SFX. I used to joke that it wouldn't be long before Mauzy would be taking outcalls in Vegas. - Rebuttal: That is what they want you to think. I want the best for those kids". That said, it has a very good cast, so it might get some buzz; but a big red-carpet deal it is not. Just to clarify, none of the comments on the article have him actually saying he is straight, but that is sure what the readership is meant to believe. Fantasy Drama Ooh, that looks painful. But for some others, you are absolutely right, they move just to be near him, and some are inexcusable stalkers one fan apparently moved into a street near him to be near him, one waited for hours to take photos of him and Balfe getting out of a car with coffee, others trail around venues where he may be, some even go into debt to attend every Con etc. [R220] Agree I think there is something rather " grubby " about Heughans business activities, perhaps the fact that he is miss representing himself but mostly because of his blatant exploitation of gullible fans. {R534[ Imagine a lot of the female, non whiskey drinking fans, will buy it, perhaps have a sip but then keep it on display as a kind of trophy ,after all it does look like a rather pretty perfume bottle. Another gem from tmblr. But please keep talking, so everyone can see you for what you are. He came across as a hyper-thirsty wannabe, totally out of his depth. My son worked for a large TV company and he told me drugs are very readily available. They then did a tumble together.. Aint love grand. But then Putin introduced anti-gay legislation this summer sobeing a gay personI switched to Rudolf Nureyev videos instead. That's our boy. I[R347] I believe Brasso stings when rubbed into delicate parts but it could explain the shiny balls !! But he doesn't talk about it in public. As a matter of fact, Sam as Jimmy really creeped me out when he tried to make a pass at Eiza Gonzlez's character KT. [R 68] to [R67] No Troll hereI was being ironic. Thats the objectionable part of the deal, not whether he likes meat or seafood." Seen it happen before.unknown, small parts TV actor, is an overnight success in a popular , soap opera type , American TV streaming channel. [Well, If He Had Taken A Woman Around As He Did Luke, Fans Would Have Been Calling Her His GF, No Doubt At All] His use of beards the biggest clearest one. Agreed it's not about the nationality (although the weird celebrity obsession seems to be more intense in the land of HW) but about the complete inability of fans such as that group of worshipers, wherever they are based, to see that fictional Jamie and real Sam are not the same. The Outlander fandom is very conservative and homophobic, they think that Sam = Jamie Fraser - the King of Men- and in their eyes, the King of Men can't be gay :((. If they are indeed together, SH has great taste and more power to them. . ".No, I wasnt here at the start but funny that you mention how that rumor started because I heard it from people who have nothing to do with the fandom, in a context that has nothing to do with TV shows and before I had even watched the show. PaleyFest postponed - this will hurt - right in his wallet. And of course the old question - why would a straight guy need such laundry? I've Googled but can't find information, is his part in Bloodshot a major character in lots of scenes through out the film or a slightly larger than cameo role but someone who might get killed off half way through etc ? Hehe Sam doing some Daddy dancing. For those of you who were regular readers of the blog jamesandclairefraser, imagine if this was three years ago, and Jess had decided shed had it with the trolls, she still wanted to continue blogging, but she wanted it to be a more intimate experience, so she invited a small group to join her as she made her blog private. But the die-hards persist - 'I will never believe it !!!' And apart from the vile homophobia of HW, his all-important business activities are embedded (at least for now) in the market of the OL besotted worshippers. Many of those women are travelling to Scotland to stalk Sam. wendella said: Sam mentioned when he was in acting school that one of his instructors told him he was not a good enough actor to make it. HSMTMTS' Frankie Rodriguez & Jacob Haren Make Disney Channel History on 'Bunk'd'! Fans of Outlander might be hoping against hope that Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will get together in real life because their on-screen chemistry is really that good - but sadly, it's just . R33 "Princess for Christmas" ? It does of course , as [R110] said, give him as useful source of free beards. Imagine if the idea that you werent a part of a private blog kept you up at night, and tormented you. Gee - so IG is removing the 'following activity' tab, and no longer showing account likes, followers and comments. Actors, through illusion, seek to convince their audience. It actually enhances the fanbase if she can be sold as a possible bisexual. - Replying to @fiftiesteacher @chrisazzopardi and 4 others Yes, he is, Rhonda. Youre stuck, sweetie. malu1997 Follow Couple behavior! And oh according to purv the woman/G is an aquarius just like one of his "exes"(ex-beards). You had to find out about the PI report. TBH I have no idea what JA's idea is. they cry. Ultimately, the propagation of the gay homophobe is just a subtle form of homophobia that masquerades as positive representation, allowing straight people to avoid taking responsibility for the homophobia they have created. The chemistry between Heughan and Balfe as on-screen partners is so good and so believable that some fans are unable to process a world where the two are not married in real life. Tumblr has since contacted me. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. You wonder if he is doing this as his idea or on advice from his business partners - either way, he looks damned greedy. From being interviewed wearing figure hugging,nipple revealing clothes, numerous shirt buttons undone,tea shirt sleeves rolled up to display bulging biceps and wearing clothes printed with such slogans as " Aye Candy " etc..to continuously posting gym images of himself sweaty and semi nude and topless publicity shots of himself amongst the heather. Besides the right that everyone has to have an opinion and speak his/her mind, America dominates global politics still so we are all under its influence of course we can comment on trump. It is always the same. Not sure why this little flurry again now - maybe(?) Well, since you asked, its because youre an asshole who doesnt know what the hell youre talking about. A wise blogger recently copied post 345 of this thread onto their blog and expressed their agreement with it. "You know, those of us who entertain the theory of him being gay have absolutely no problem with him being gay. JUST ME AND MY WIERDNESS, RIDICULOUSLY ADDICTED TO SAM HEUGHAN!!!!! Can't believe Heughan would be so stupid as to go down the beard route again, she may be just a work associate. Its noticeable sometimes that when some bloggers have a narrative they want to stress, repeat etc, particularly when there is a forthcoming PR event, into their in-box come anon messages on the lines of Im new to your blog and I have questionsI came across your blog and Id like to know.etc etc. Not a problem, SH can explain it away to himself. This and probably Heughan has too much time on his hands this OL hiatus, the man never seems to enjoy some downtime at home. WTF? Some of these are probably quite genuine, but some of them seem very convenient for pushing a story. I knew only about 2 names on the list. {R419]Not only fans who were extreme conservatives would react badly to news of his true sexuality. They didn't mention also the MM/thong throng but the point still made. R29 I watched it partly, know what you mean. Just a few weeks ago, Starz debuted the first teaser for the upcoming seventh season of Outlander, which will be released this summer. When does he find time for a private life? If he came out as bisexual it would be completely unacceptable for the OL stans too, he might as well come out again as gay then. But, I digress. Doubt if she'd ever win the thing unless a lot of money and shmoozing is spread around. Could it be Alex Nourozi? Sam is loyal with his partners and likes long run relations. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. Not sure what the hierarchy in his team would be, but you would think that she could override a stylist who clearly can't get it right. Sam Heughan can basically do everything. Until one of them gets a real believable girlfriend then this is an option.". Sam Heughan is enjoying a day out in New York City. Still, she's always good for a laugh. It's probably Sam who likes her just as he met her - with longer hair. and has won BAFTA, IFTA, a Laurence Olivier Award, and was a nominee in Golden Globes 2020. May still be in there somewhere - in the closet with him. His movie career needs time, possibly a lot of time, to develop. (video down the bottom - just keep scrolling- he looked a little uncomfortable with anything other than when he was shilling his whisky). Next time you 'drop into ' Data Lounge, and I'm sure you do sometimes in the 'wee small hours of the morning' read Reply 308.it could change your life! No frump and she looks relaxed. I have nothing against his sexuality but the way he used the fandom to hide it if it turns out to be true.". My source doesnt want to be revealed! Purv says so!! Casting call for former Playboy models to beard for Sam Roland Heughan. Marge might be a more believable beard given your track record, Sam. Hello. We accept that which we cant have, and we go on with our lives. Her promotion of closeting and bearding and all her stupid matchy shirt etc games are part of the problem in perpetuating the HW homophobia. Why wasn't he carrying a bottle of Sassenach whisky ? Isn't that what mates do? No - tied to his PR games, his showmancing, fauxmancing, straightwashing, his own words 'nothing straight about my Bat', 'boring an homosexual never go together but thank you for the compliment' etc etc and etc. ", [quote]"With Heughan, we've seen his boyfriends go dark on SM, we've seen him engage in laughably fake relationships with his co-star, friends and beards, we've seen him intimidated into babbling like a deer in the headlights when doing press (with his publicist babysitting him ) and basically driven into the Sunken Place of gay shame. Poor guy was out of the closet and had to go right back in when they cast him. Tumblr-ite comment about the Wizard World dealings: "This, this right here, the newest Instagram with fans, is what I am concerned about. The issue for me is not that he is gay but as to the lengths he has gone to to hide the fact from the Outlander fans. Yeah its Jennifer Allen banging her head against a wall. R288 brilliant post R289 and he is still like every single pic of MM too, why oh why. In the previous thread 4 one of the last comments was about whisky, yes I agree that Sam's whisky might do wel for a few years as long as OL is populair. She is staying at a hotel where the OL crowd are spending time for the TV Critics Awards interviews etc. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors.". Apparantly it does matter to him what he's selling. They can snarl at each other but dont often descend into abuse. As in, how do all these people accidentally meet SH only they just happen to be carrying an Outlander book for him to sign etc.. Something DL pointed out years ago. Why isnt that getting leaked? [quote]"but about the complete inability of fans such as that group of worshipers, wherever they are based, to see that fictional Jamie and real Sam are not the same. Build a bridge and get over yourself. It's Hannah James, folks. It feels very odd to have to be yourself. Me, of all people. Jamie is a Scottish Superman, for sure! I hope his Newman spot does well but he seems determined to be a super hetero HW action guy and that is a waste of his talent and a big personal price to pay. The betting odds change up and down quickly and it is the powerbrokers, not the punters, who decide, but at the least it does get his name out there all the more reason to play hetero of course. Thought I recognised her sign-on address or whatever you call it from a few book reviews so I checked out her Facebook. So yes, openly gay men CAN effectively play a hetero love interest. SH can be pushed even more into the 'eye candy' box, with his performances in support, and the extremely ambitious Balfe is only too happy to be the focus- even the seating arrangements in one of those interview shows had the Queen sitting in her own chair while SH was squashed in with the others on the sofa - unintentional? And the fans would pay up. How is any of this credible. I dont have the ability to solely grant you access through an email request. Purv adds - Diana Gabble-on said he was not gay well, of course she would!! A cap and ticket machine could be found somewhere. If youve found youre getting trolled on your Instagram account and you lock to to stay safe, but the troll remained in your followers and posted your locked images on their own Instagram account? The "The Magical". The old threads about Gay Sam Heughan are still posted in the Datalounge archive, although certain shills and homophobic trolls have spent years trying to derail and close down these discussions: This could explain Sam's weird 'friendship' with William Shatner and Paul Camuso.. [quote]The 34-year-old native Scotsman admits he was desperate to get cast on Outlander, in part because of executive producer Ronald D. Moores work on Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and he even managed to get some time on the lunch break during his screen test to talk to Moore about Captain Kirk. '..Times are a-changing. [1] Come out of the closet, stop living a lie but the likely result would the end of his HW aspirations . Good luck with the fires, stay safe. And wouldn't you know it, in the airport lounge some women were asking at the bar for it (and getting annoyed when it wasn't available), and he heard "Sam can't be gay - he drinks whisky!!! Maybe if Starz had given Heughan support for the fine acting ability that he has continued to show in OL when he got the opportunity rather than selling him as 'eye candy' and boxing him in as sidekick to Super Claire, he would have concentrated more on developing his acting skills and not focus on being so damn greedy. News flash -- alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer in that demographic. Really? Makes a sort of PR sense if Starz and his PR team are actually going down this path - some extreme shippers will never accept that SH and Balfe are not lovers/married/even parents (and SH himself was heavily involved in promoting the showmance), but quite a few ex-shippers have eventually accepted it and now they want their Sammy to find someone nice to love him as that rotten Balfe didnt; it builds up a focus on Skelton for further OL seasons; SH and Skelton can be seen together at events etc because they are co-stars, with plausible deniability of anything else; less need for clumsy photoshopping, Im here, Im there etc; shes pretty and almost 15 years younger. He needs to take a break from the tweeting and the selfies - please, for Christmas. What a coinky dink ". Is it my imagination but are Heughans stick thin legs getting even thinner ?Would it not be possible to ' build up ' the lower half of his body to match the top half ? An ageing balding queen who can't find a partner. Heres a question some of you need to answer. Heughan is likely to keep up the slippery shippery antics as long as he can, not only for the great cover it gives him, but for greed - he is now going to Wizard World in New Orleans in January, with prices of up to US$1500 for a 3 day pass, a fireside chat and film retrospective from the Adored One. I wouldn't think that this would impress Barbara Broccoli if she ever was told about it/saw photos, if there is anything to be seen of course. R273 I don't understand the PR games either. Private conversations are private for a reason. There is even a Tbag replacement holding the door for her. It's already a shitshow..can't believe this is happening again. I mean here he is promoting the podcast clanlands for example and he tries to promote Scotland in general but then invests in an American brewed whisky. But, a new angle.. drum roll..steady..wait for it. '"Camuso and his sidekick Purvelina control this disgusting site". You supposedly like the idea of space travel so why not teleport to our Mardi Gras parade tonight - almost 200 floats (including floats of police, military, emergency services - all in uniform), 12,000 in the parade. He's offered small, cameo parts in star studded films, mostly one suspects because he's very decorative and his name in the credits will attract more cinema foot fall from his idolising fans.Their blind adulation makes him believe he 'can walk on water'. Sam's styling and general demeanor on Fallon suffered greatly in comparison to those of Michael B. Jordan (who was on immediately before him).Jordan was well-dressed, relaxed, funny, and even exchanged gifts with Jimmy. What would we call a person who allows a relative stranger in a non-scripted situation to touch (or to APPEAR to touch) their personal anatomy FOR MONEY?? In Paris, Cait looks bright and looks more youthful. I was told that she regularly donates clothes and children's toys and is low key and very polite. She seems completely liberated from the halo of Belfast and August's baby . Heughan channelling his libido into marathon weight lifting sessions again !! Anonymous tipped me to a poll for TV couple with the hottest sexual tension and Claire and Jamie are in the running. Found this quote in an old Out Magazine article: "I think there are four kinds of gays in Hollywood, explains Howard Bragman, CEO of the PR firm Fifteen Minutes. I said it on my private blog. ( but he just moved away - gets a bit tiring having to smash stereotypes yet again). Surely they won't drag out another beard, but you never know. It's a smart move - he doesn't have to bother so much with being 'seen' with a 'gf' (without photos of course, just a lot of innuendo, or with photoshopped hands, cropped images etc) - there doesn't seem to have been a Miss September, and October is passing fast. Poor guy looked a wannabe amateur on Fallon - sack Monty and call Jonathon Van Ness - please! The troll wouldn't be trying to derail these threads..". If this is indeed what the article is saying, it's a far better PR way to go as he just doesn't bring off the bearding very well, and this way he has plausible deniability - yeh, yeh, I'm straight , yeh, yeh, I'm looking for love, but no time, no time. er, no, the gay rumours are based on SHs behaviours and factors including: his way over the top showmance in the face of Balfe having a boyfriend, being engaged, even after the marriage; his fauxmance, fake to the point that he eventually looked sick in the very few times they were together, with no sign of a genuine relationship; a concerted campaign of innuendo and feeds about young, short, blonde, athletic, partial to thongs females to promote a hetero player image; pervasive straightwashing even of his old Facebook account; people who knew him in his theatre days saying he is gay; Ray Morrel in 2018 saying he is gay, etc etc. R1, despite the recent casting as an action hero I think Madden is more interested in a varied, challenging career. "A friend who works at the hotel in Memphis where the glam people stay, told me he was staying there the night before but was under "deep cover". Thats why Sam gets away with so much fuckery. She's mentally checked out of OL, unless she can be the only star, but he still needs the OL magic, such as it still is, including Jamie and Claire being sexiest couple. [R534] Just found out , via the Forbes Mag article, the price , $99 per bottle . R360 we all know he only dates women from another continent lmao. Sam Heughan was educated well, he was struggling in his life a lot. According to one of Heughan's recent twitter posts about Netflix's Cheer, "I've stalked them on Instagram. (JA, OL fans, buyers of his products, casting agents, whoever he is dealing with on a particular day). Sleek new adverts for MPC 2020.no large bottoms in sight., only beautiful people stretching and lifting !. His rank commercialism must put him pretty low on the scale of desirable /serious /dedicated actors in the eyes of many casting directors. We've seen it before. Just remember the sun block, Sammy. A good business doesn't (necessarily) need a famous face anyway. Sam Heughan. To be the friend, the colleague, the role model and most likely the lover and partner and well, you know the rest. We're on season five just now and will definitely be doing a sixth". Heughan wearing his wiglet again at NYCC and a really hideous [ leather ? ] Far more likely that they are just good mates (and he needs them - HW can be a very lonely place) rather than any 'gf', but of course it doesn't hurt the hetero image he wants. As Jimmy, Sam transformed into a completely different person than Jamie Fraser. Why is it that the Matt Gaetz of Outlander goes on the the Tucker Carlson show and outs himself? Best dressed of 2019? And another attendee, Georgia Ellenwood, while very young, short, blonde, athletic, lives offshore from his home base, just the type of woman he was supposed to be attracted to etc, is associated with Under armour and had a business reason to be there too. It's usually about money with him. As a relative newcomer here, who is this Purv? R563 I'm curious too what she thinks.. And the rumours roll on: the newbie works for Play Boy TV - given that she's an ex Playmate, this may well be true; it's really Marina - no, profile completely different; it's Kat McNamara - no; one blogger broke the seeming deal about not helping his PR efforts and posted an IG address that she claimed was that of the woman G - may be so, or maybe not. As seen in recent publicity interviews, Heughan looks 10 years younger without the scuffy beard,hope he keeps it like that. So it made perfect business sense for him to be at that Blackhawks game. The 42-year-old Outlander star flashed a smirk as he made his way out of the John. Please click here to register for free. You had to find out what Puffy knows. This desperation, while entertaining, just makes her look tiresome (and if Heughan/JA are feeding this, they look just as tedious). lmao!! Sam is working out at the same gym in Glasgow, Valbo's gym. Finally, Sam Heughan is human. He likes the posts of a hell of a lot of people. These behaviours just sit very uncomfortably with a straight guy. Not his fault that they can't read. I never met a woman who says this about another one. On sam's instagram in 2022 they did a live (I'm new to tumblr I don't know how to paste the link) he and cait alone. ", Hmm. or he's going for the hetero me Tarzan look (anal itch is another possibility I guess). It seems like Vin is not very fond of Sam. I feel physically ill posting these tweets. Anon I also loved her yellow pants and yellow sneakers actually! Heughan could get the role, this is chancy HW after all, but it's quite a while to go before powerbroker decision time. The fans would be eternally grateful for the opportunity to purchase Sassenach merchandise whilst travelling.The Peakers could organise runs between Shelters, each stop staffed with an Ambassador, dressed from head to toe in Sassenach Tarton,selling "Wee Nips"of Sassenach Whisky in paper cups signed by the great man himself. Bound to be a sell out success as all the rabid fans would attend. Not at all saying that it is wrong, could be spot on - just interested in the basis. Sam looked really beautiful at that Paley Fest -wearing his real blonde hair in a man bun- and yes, he was heavily flirting with Tobias (the PR closeting fuckery had not started yet): He always looked his best clean shaven, blonde and androgynous. R495 pfffff so here we go again..it's tiresome. Or did she think it was better for his image to eat granola at the same clif bar as Georgia..the silly innuendos never end it seems and it's starting to look more and more ridiculous. We KNOW he already shot his scenes because he posted hints. I wonder which one. Guess who has a Brand New Beard! Now he projects what I can only describe as a " light entertainment " persona, superficial and false. To quote The English Dictionary..Irony.A mode of speech which expresses a sense contrary to that conveyed by the wordsa subtle kind of sarcasm. R587 it was a stupid move of Diesel to not postphone the premiere. Pity it wasn't done long ago and we could have been spared all the squeee!!!! Glad to see her showing them both. With those legs minis should be a wardrobe staple. I almost can't believe my eyes that she wore a mini. She might make a suitable beard;). Yet, new girl seen with is younger than SS and seems very immatureand dirty. If Heughan were really a straight guy, why would the trolls bother to "defend" him? Hi, everyone. [R176] incredible that people should pay $1,500 to sit in a room and chat to a man who used to be an actor but has now turned himself into a brand , a man who appears to have more interest in haberdashery than serious acting. The longer he's not shooting for Outlander the bette he starts to look. A little flurry of speculation on tmblr that Heughan and actress Kate McNamara (Shadowland, Arrow) may be/going to be getting together. Imagine deciding that you just had to get into Jess private blog, despite knowing you werent wanted.
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