These were not in the game, but I wanted them to have some options as children do. It's around 2 times faster than with normal speed. This mod goes hand in hand with the Higher Tuition Fees mod. You are free to share the link to my uploads,givingappropriate credit (creator name and link to original source). So now you can get their homework done faster, and regardless of their mood! It allows you send your toddlers to preschool between the hours of 8AM and 12PM giving you a couple of hours without your toddlers. Its around 2 times faster than with normal speed. This can be any sim with a genius trait, or a sim who finished elementary school with an A or currently have an A in high school. . Bug Fixes. Children and Teens can now collect an allowance! University students will complete their homework in about 10, 25, or 50 minutes depending on which one you choose. Surrogacy is Being Added to The Sims 4 Base Game! Not sure if i can get this to work.). Faster Homework. I am obsessed with this game and have been for decades and love to share my love of the game with all of you. MISS. The drop out of highschool and get a real job mod by telford is a great option if you just want a sim to not spend their entire teen lives in High School. . Therefore, the amount may be higher or lower than the above amounts listed. Default is about 100 minutes. The Sims 4 Discover University is taking you back to school, as the newest DLC introduces plenty of college-themed content to explore. None of these mods are downloading correctly for me, they all downlooad saying I need the correct app to open the file. Please like . flqwerz)French Translations (by Candyman)German Translations (by Vee)Italian Translations (by xISYx)Japanese Translations (by Licer)Polish Translations (by kelwiak)Russian Translations (by Lenusha)Spanish Translations (by Don & Amanlen). This helps you gain more skills. This post could have gone on forever, but Ive picked my top 10 mods. Do notinclude my contents in any other uploadsor claim as your own. Do not upload my Mods on other sites and do not use them for commercial purposes. This willow creek high school is another mod that you need to have the Go to School mod we spoke about earlier to use. These are a great addition to the game and Ive really enjoyed playing about with them. Does anyone have a link to it by chance? The teens jump to university mod by Zero allows your teen sims to go to University if they are doing well in school, however, it is not guaranteed. The no grade or highschool mod does just that, makes it so none of your sims have to go to school anymore. Therefore, it shouldnt conflict with other mods and it no longer overrides the Oolong Tea. A sim who has an F in school will have to stay at school until 4PM, a sim with a D to B will stay until 2PM, and sims who have an A in school are able to go home at 1PM giving them way more free time. 158. An unofficial subreddit devoted to discussing and sharing all things related to The Sims 4! What I would like to see is a mod created to be able to edit an occupied University Lot.. so when I am living in a university lot, I can edit that lot while there.. rather then going onto another sim and . The mod is called "FasterHomework" [deleted] 5 mo. This is really great because you can get a jump start on University without having to wait until your sim is a young adult giving you a chance to spend less of their adult lives in school. Mod Requirements Base game only required. Happy Playing! 59. r/Sims4. One of the most annoying things about school in The Sims 4 is that if you choose for your sims to meet new friends while at school they are going to lower their school performance while making friends. LINK TO ALL THE MODS: MANI'S ROOMMATE VIDEO:\u0026t=588s__________________ BECOME A MEMBER TODAY FOR ONLY 4.99 TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Click on the $ sign in chat, JOIN button, or follow this link: Show of Your Support (SIMMER MERCH): OTHER MEDIAOrigin: jazzzio1Twitch: Insta: Discord: Tumblr: My website: jazzzzio@yahoo.comTwitter: TWITCH LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE (as of 10/07/19) + M O N : 5 PM - 7 PM (PST)+ T U E S : 5 PM - 7 (PST)+ W E D S : NO STREAM+ T H U R S : 5 PM - 7 (PST)+ F R I : 5 PM - 7 PM (PST) [Song request night]+ S A T : NO STREAM+ S U N : NO STREAM*Sometimes I dont always stick to the schedule. Zeros Sims 4 Mods created the University Costs More mod which changes the costing structure of electives and main classes. Now, both electives and main classes are more expensive, which is more realistic. 'Higher Scholarships' is another one by Zero's Sims 4 Mods and it is what it says on the tin really, the amount your Sim will receive is greater, which is definitely more realistic. All you have to do is Press CTRL + SHIFT + C in Live mode to open the cheat console, type 'grades', and then press ENTER. It includes, a botanical garden, computer rooms, a library and so much more. Sports-Related Bug Fixes by Zerbu. Another tip, make sure your uni sims leave offerings for academic success at their university's statue. Q: H o w o l d a r e y o u ?A: I ' m 2 5 y e a r s o l d Q: W h a t s y o u r e t h n i c i t y ?A: I m 1 0 0 % M e x i c a n Q: W h a t d o y o u u s e t o r e c o r d y o u r v i d e o s a n d e d i t ?A: S p e c s a r e a l l d o w n b e l o w G a m i n g E q u i p m e n t:\u0026 LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANNA SEE NEXT? However, you can still use them if you have them. Zerbu explains in more detail on his page, here. Uni Costs More by Zero. All you have to do is the "testingcheats true" code + "bb.enablefreebuild" :). This is just another highschool lot for your sims to attend that will make things feel a bit different and give you a different experience. Faster Homework! Sims with the Rebellious trait will complete slightly slower. High Amount Children will receive about 200 on Tuesdays and Fridays (no specific time). Teens will receive about 375 on Tuesdays and Fridays (no specific time). The types of activities your sims can participate in include things like kpop club, party planning club, gaming club, chess club, and more. The mod is called "FasterHomework". Kiss Neck interaction is not only for Teens anymore! Technically Uni Files are added as well but they should not cause any Issues when Uni is not installed. Additionally, Children and Teens will prefer to do their subject homework at a desk. I use Winrar, id if thats an issue. These new bikes are Sims 3 Conversions, converted by Around the Sims 4. Increased Scholarships. Is that new? I decided to keep & update some of her Mods. 7. IlkaVelle has also added the ability to receive an actual rejection letter via the mailbox in the latest addition of this mod. A guide revealing how to do homework in the Sims 4 as well as complete it faster. Modder, LittleMsSam has answered my prayers and created the Choose Your Roommmate mod. The Chores mod by LittleMsSam, allows you to add cleaning schedules and assign Sims to cleaning tasks and times. Yea, I agree! These were already in the game, the options were just not added to the homework: Fill Out Activity Chart (raises Motor Skill)Practice Vocabulary (raises Creative Skill)Review Social Studies (raises Social Skill)Do Math Problems (raises Mental Skill). The quit or rejoin school mod by Triplis gives your sims the option to quit school at any time, without making it so they arent able to rejoin if they want. When they are in a Group doing Homework together i want them to use Dining Tables as well. The Sims 4 Homework Mod allows you to complete the homework assigned to you faster. Youll be able to invite over the private school headmaster and youll need to convince them to let you into their school. I honestly couldnt believe how many amazing university themed mods are already available! It can get extremely repetitive especially if youve been playing The Sims 4 since it launched in 2014. LittleMsSam is back again, this time with the Choose your Helmet mod, allowing you to pick your helmet, or choose not to wear any helmet at all remember though, safety first! Note - If in a club using the Homework Boost perk, they will complete it a little faster. Should now work well with other cooking overhaul mods. 3 comments. Even though this includes recipes from different packs, those packs are not required. Then, youll decide whether its time for them to receive an allowance or not. These mods add things like after school activities, the ability to drop out, and so much more. If you lose your homework, you can buy a replacement book online or from a bookcase for just 1 simoleon.Kids can speed up their homework by gaining child skills. FoodDrinksHerbalism Potions (Outdoor Retreat)Serums (Get To Work)Inventions (Get To Work)Potions (Realm of Magic)Note - This should not need updated for patches. It is seriously fun to mix things up! I cant seem to find it anywhere no matter what I google. However, I think there are a few things missing from the pack. Hi everyone! Any recipes that have required ingredients are now optional. Ask for Allowance (Friendly Interaction) - Available for Children and Teens while selecting their parents (or caregivers). Q: Can you upload your mods folder?A: No, it's against cc creators TOU.Q: Where can I find *insert cc piece here*?A: Check my cc finds tumblr first or the video linked below. My Must Have CC 2019: My Must Have Mods: from: Epidemic SoundsNew Videos: As often as I can!Subscribe to stay up to date with my videos There's cheats for this in the base game. I adjusted & reworked some of them a bit as well. Open up the command console box inside The Sims 4 by pressing the SHIFT + CTRL + C (swap ctrl for cmd on a Mac) on your keyboard. Also, sometimes the moodlet would be gone but the homework still wouldn't be accessible because the game still thinks your sim is tense. I swear I used to have a mod that made uni homework not take so long and it was like you could pick 30 or 50 minutes. TIL that kissing your cat counts toward the "kiss 10 sims" requirement of the Serial Romantic aspiration. Tease about Allowance (Mischief Interaction) - Available for Teens collecting an Allowance to use on their siblings. Not available if already collecting an Allowance. Currently rebuilding my entire sim save from scratch Sul Sul! The cheat teen highschool performance mod is an extremely simple but effective one that will allow you to stop spending so much darn time finishing your teenaged sims homework so you can enjoy their lives a bit more. This mod adds the ability to actually go to school with your sim, including going to different classes with different subjects which makes it so much more fun. A . All about The Sims. Lover of a good cup of tea, bad puns and hoping to engage with the wider sim community. Basically this fix enables Sims to gain fun from attending games at the stadium, allows children to be invited to games and also allows children to gain motor skill from the football. I made a mod that allows your sims to do their Uni homework even while tense! This updated version has been reworked and no longer overrides existing game files. This Sims 4 University mod is a reference to the character Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. More information Sims 4 Faster Homework (University Edition) More like this Sims 4 Mm Cc Sims 4 Cc Packs Sims 4 Teen Sims 2 Star Citizen Sims 4 Jobs Sims 4 Traits This mod is a little bit complicated to set up in-game, but LittleMsSam has written some very detailed instructions on the mod page. The education system bundle by KawaiiStacie takes four of their most popular school mods and mixes them together allowing you to have a really great school experience. Sims 4 Faster Homework (University Edition) The Sims Sims 4 Cas Sims Cc Sims 4 Mods Clothes Sims Mods Sim University Scarlet Sims 4 Traits Sims 4 Expansions More information . (Comment by LittleMsSam: I merged the Faster Homework Mods into one Mod with Addons and reworked them a bit. This elementary school mod works in conjunction with the go to school mod that well talk about in a few. This is not a university specific mod but here you can find Scarlet's mod that improves all homeworks. You want to be notified about new Mods releases and updates. Warning - Transferring from the Allowance Account to Household Funds is permanent. The playable school events mod by Kawaii Stacie is a fun one! Jul 7, 2019 at 6:33 PM. 25 min -Sims will complete their homework in about 25 minutes. Higher Scholarships (goes with the tuition increase) Harder Distinguished Degree acceptance Ask to be Roommates | Fewer Restrictions. Ive also added these to the Publish Book type whims/aspirations so the computer interactions will count for those as well. ____________________________________________ Translations . Which offers three scholarship options. 409. This one really excites me as Ive always wondered how Sims who have ABSOLUTELY no qualifications and have played chess three times can become a doctor. Click "Do homework.". So I made this little mod that will make doing homework (and extra credit) super fast (4 times faster to be exact), so they can get good . Neecxle, one of my favourite YouTubers, has created some bike recolours for the bike that comes with Discover University. I didnt actually realise this was a bug in the game until I came across this mod by Zerbu. Updated for patch 1.90! flqwerz)French Translations (by Candyman)German Translations (by helene912)Italian Translations (by xISYx)Japanese Translations (by Licer)Polish Translations (by kelwiak)Russian Translations (by Origamika)Spanish Translations (by Amanlen). Family Members) at Restaurants *** Added " Upgradios " to Terrains which will Upgrade all Objects on the Lot. This mod even makes it so your school day starts at 7 instead of 8 because private school kids are no joke. Higher Scholarships Edit 08/13/2022: Updated to include new skills AND remade the Mental addon to allow teens and children to be able to complete wants and aspirations using my skilled homework! Sims 4 Faster Homework (University Edition) March 9, 2021 Sims 4 Scarlet Faster Homework Sims 4 Mods, mod the sims 4, how to install sims 4 mods, the sims 4 mod, best mods for the sims 4 Credit : Scarlet University students will complete their homework in about 10, 25, or 50 minutes depending on which one you choose. Chinese Translations (by Miaow_CC)Dutch Translations (by For Children, this adds the following options to their homework. Now your sims can do their homework regardless of mood. At level 3 do homework turns into breeze through homework, and at level 7 it turns into dominate homework, which will see them complete it in 15 minutes.Having a parent help a child do their homework will make it significantly faster [almost double]. Overall, just a really great and in-depth mod if you want to change the way school feels for your sims kids. Hello :wave: Im Hannah a 24 year old simmer & marketing lady from England. The Sheldon L Cooper Program allows your teenaged sims to apply for scholarships to help them pay for University. I fixed this! Link is here: Hello Simmers, Honnahoops here with my top 10 mods to enhance your university experience! Allowance Account (Phone Interaction - Household Menu) - Enabled for Allowance Collectors only. The Simston Private School Mod gives your sims in The Sims 4 that same opportunity. They can use this to check their total balance and/or transfer funds from their Allowance Account to your Household Funds. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Since 2019 I've been working on this website to help sims players get the most out of their gameplay and have the best time playing The Sims 4. 2019 Sims Quest by IlkaVelle. In this mod, Sims can apply to the Sheldon L Cooper Program. Any recipe that came with a pack that you dont have, simply wont show up for you. The no goals needed for school mod will make it so your sims no longer have to do homework or gain any skills for school. Ive explained briefly what the mods are, but to get a full overview, please head to the creators pages, everything is linked below. The following translations are included in the mod: Chinese Translations (by Licer) Includes Traditional and SimplifiedDutch Translations (by No mod recquired. This mod will help you at the University and will make writing term paper and preparing presentation faster. Conflicts This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the same resource: Name / Instance B0141CC0FEA163AA Known issues By default, stressed out sims with the tense moodlet will not do their homework. It's around 2 times faster than with normal speed. The after school activities mod created by Kawaii Stacie is a great mod because it will give your child or teenaged sims something to do after school, since most of the time its just homework, dinner, and then bed. Because really, we all have better things to do than homework. 12 days ago. Adding mods to your school experience in The Sims 4 can seriously make the game so much more fun. Mod Requirements Base game only required. No Tense Homework (UNI Edition) + Faster Hi everyone! Immortality Trait description is also updated to reflect this change. You may not distribute the modified files. Join. Its your choice whether you want to save their allowance or not. With all the NPC dormies running around, even 3X speed runs slow. This mod will let you cheat to get your teens homework done immediately and will bring their school performance bar to the highest level without having to put in the work. Keep BooksWill not destroy the Book after publishing (they cannot be republished though), (Comment by LittleMsSam: Interactions available on all Computer including CC now. Faster Term Paper & Presentation (University), (It doesnt affect homework faster homework mod was created by Scarlett and is currently updated by. Sep 3, 2021 - Sims 4 Homework mod, assigned to the Sims characters on their school days. No more full-on doctors without a degree! This mod will help you at the University and will make writing term paper and preparing presentation faster. Posted by XUrbanBellaX at 4:41 PM. flqwerz)French Translations (by Candyman)German Translations (by helene912)Italian Translations (by xISYx)Japanese Translations (by Licer)Polish Translations (by zkrwiikosci)Spanish Translations (by Amanlen)
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