P or LT:The first letter on the sidewall of your tire tells you what kind of tire it is. The AT3 XLT specifically is designed to stop on average at least 10 feet shorter on wet roads compared to other LT models. Set of 4. . . Even my Limited came with skinny tires now got 285/70R17. In this case, the number 215 means that the tire width is 215 millimeters and the other one 225 indicates that the tire width is 225 millimeters. 265 or 285:In this comparison, we can see that 225 is wider than 215. This article is a collection of what 20 unique people had to say about their brand of tire. Your email address will not be published. Before and After - Dunlop GrandTreks Vs Bf Goodrich Ko2s. The Armor Tek3 carcass is tough as nails, endlessly resisting sharp punctures on both the tread and the sidewalls. Even aired down to 15PSI on 285/75R17 the tire lugs and sidewall struggled to grip the snow. Great for people who dont experience much snow but may encounter mud or sharp rocks often. Coming from a Toyo AT2 Xtreme, these EVO MT tires had better manners on the road which was somewhat shocking. They stick to rock and conform well to it as well as having less noise than the typical tire. Tread depth is even across each as well as all 4. How do you like your rough country lift? Meanwhile, 275 tires have a width of 275 mm and 285 tires have a width of 285mm. I was leaning towards the Toyo AT IIIs but this article has not convinced me that they are worth trying? The lower load range is going to offer you a more comfortable ride although that is to be debated. Suspension/Wheels/Tires: 3: 10-01-2015 02:37 PM: Stock P265/70R17 Dunlop Grandtrek AT/20 vs Nitto Terra Grapplers . If you are looking for an all-terrain Nitto that offers great on-road performance, and very minimal road noise with the occasional off-road adventure, then the Terra Grapplers might be for you. vs 285/25-20 vs 255/25-20 vs 275/30-20 vs 295/25-20 vs 255/30-20 vs 325/50-20 vs 225/45-20 vs 265/60-17 Send us your suggestions and ideas for the tire size calculator! It provides decent all-year road traction from light to mild snow and rain. 285 tires offer better grip and stability than 265s, but can be more difficult to handle in tight turns. Granted they are only at 500 miles but compared to the Treadwright Guard dog MT tires, those were 5X as loud new. It has a beefy sidewall that aids in traction when aired down. Letters are speed ratings, not load ranges I thought. They are offered in a variety of common sizes so youre set even if you have a lift installed. I am also stuck between GY Silent Armors and GY Duratracs. I have Falken Wildpeaks on my 2018 TRD Off Road 4Runner and have been disappointed in the treadlife. The blocky-ness pulls well through low to moderate mud hole scenarios. If you need a tire that performs well off-road but still needs to drive on the highway to get there, the Discoverer AT3 XLT is your best bet. On pavement, the 4S shares great road manners with the rest of the 4S line-up, especially in adverse conditions. Then, well discuss their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make an educated decision about which one is right for you!if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'tireblogger_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tireblogger_com-medrectangle-3-0'); This Number Indicates That Your Tire Has A Width Of 265 Millimeters. This is also a great option if you are towing anything or putting lots of weight on your 4Runner. They have amazing performance, traction, durability and wear. Usually, the KO2 fits the weekend warrior well. Radial tires are new and popular because they have an inner tire that looks like spokes coming out from the center. Goodyear offers a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty with the SUV sizes and a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with the light truck sizes of this model. Their performance off-road at about 30K-40K miles was almost non-existent and provided next to no traction, even when aired down. Size difference between 265/70 R15 and 285/50 R18 tires. Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be a daunting task. Thankfully there are many ATs to choose from so use this reference to find the option that most accurately fits your style. The Trail Hogs do quite well off-road. If you wanted to go 32.6 inches but didn't want to to go wider, use a 265/75/r17. Many people complained about the KM2s rough ride and horrible road noise. Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by brochacho, Jul 1, 2016. Another buying signal to look at is the life and performance of the tire. They have deeper grooves/knobs than a standard a/t and rarely slip on most surfaces. This provides an easy way for water to escape in order to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Mud Terrains are typically going to provide the most amount of traction possible for a street-legal radial. It is slightly over 13/32nds. This is your go-to for a well-rounded option that will grip any rocky or smooth surface all under the most severe weather, rain or shine. Many websites market them as a hybrid AT tire and some even call them a Mud Terrain. Two months after relocating to the mountains Ive had a sidewall blowout and a puncture flat. Finally, the road noise is something to be adjusted to as well as coming from an all-terrain. We will explain how to read this so that you can understand what exactly it means. Moving up from a 33 tire to 34 tire. The number after the dash specifies the aspect ratio of the tire. The large alternating scoops on the tread blocks just continue to grip and tear through whats in front of them. Battling all of the wet elements, the SLA will take you through the most severe on-road conditions yet still keep it quiet in the cabin. On the road, this is a great all-terrain really designed for the highway and around town driver with occasional light off-road terrain trips. This difference results in the 285 tire being taller and wider. The BFG KO2s are a go-to for a variety of reasons, but mainly because theyre great on and off-road. The article for tire sizes indicates no rubbing at all. With these being the two tires that I am pretty much set on it becomes a decision between the 265/70 Duratrac with a more aggressive off-road tread or 275/70 SA that are about a 1/2 in taller and a little less then a 1/2 in wider. They feature robust 3d sipes in the tread blocks and have earned the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) which prepares them for server wet and snow surfaces. The KM3 is a huge upgrade from BFGoodrichs KM2. All these factors translate into a great road option. They have an aggressive sidewall and large tread blocks but are surprisingly not that loud for your traditional MT. Whether you like the hum/howl or not comes down to personal preference. They provided a comfortable ride all while gripping the surface they were pushed through. They are probably better suited for someone who uses their vehicle off-road more frequently but could also work for a daily driver. Having a 3PMSF rating can be the difference between stopping at 100ft ft or 20ft when hitting the brakes in snowy/icy conditions. The quality of the ride is extremely smooth with zero vibration or shaking. Saw-tooth technology (1) traps the snow in the tread for great snow-on-snow traction, special Aqua Vac channels (2) featuring deep center grooves improve hydroplaning and micro-gauge zig-zag sipes (4) improve stability and assist with . Think about it: same ground clearance and look from the side as 285-70/R17s but with less weight, better fuel economy and probably less rub. For this article, we will use example tires like P26570R17 and LT28570R17. 285/75-R16 tires are 1.18 inches (30 mm) larger in diameter than 265/75-R16 tires and the speedometer difference is 3.6% . I do drive mostly on paved roads between 35mph and 65mph but when it does rain down here the mud is pretty nasty, and I like to hit the tank trails around Fort Hood on my way to fishing spots, so I am leaning more towards the Duratracs. Even though they have a mud terrain tread pattern, the tires center patch seems to resemble more of an all-terrain. As you can see, both 265 and 285 tires have their pros and cons. TOYOTA Genuine Accessories 42607-06020 TPMS Sensor, Method MR316 Gloss Titanium Painted Wheels, Enkei Truck Cyclone Gunmetal Painted Wheels, Genuine Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Tacoma Black PVD Wheel Lug Nuts (6 Pack) PT076-60200-02, Chemical Guys ACCG08 Wheelie All Exterior Surface and Wheel Brush, Method Race Wheels 305 NV, 17x8.5 with 6 on 5.5 Bolt Pattern - Matte Black - MR30578560500, Chemical Guys SPI_995_16 Meticulous Matte Detailer and Spray Sealant, 16 oz, Orange, Participate in all 4Runner discussion topics, Transfer over your build thread from a different forum to this one, Communicate privately with other 4Runner owners from around the world, Post your own photos in our Members Gallery. This is a great option for a 2wd 4Runner or for someone that uses 4wd on a very rare occasion or for someone that lives a climate that rarely sees wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. #2. One of my old ones was also made in USA and it was the worst (uneven tread depth and not even 13/32 to start). Required fields are marked *. The best thing to do for some owners is to call a reputable shop (Big-O, Les Schwab, Etc.) Note that these sizes are in millimeters. These are an all-terrain light truck and SUV tire built to give dependable off-road traction as well as long-lasting durability. Off-Road, the MT71s grab and grab even through the soft sticky Texas red dirt and the high voids and stone ejectors clean the tires easily allowing for continuous traction. There are many factors to consider, and its not always easy to know which the best option is. I appreciate how many tires you reviewed, very thorough. Vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, group buys and more! If youre having trouble choosing between an AT or MT, the Trail Hogs are a great option to get the best of both. Wheels & Tires; Toyota 4Runner . the 285 tire has a diameter of 32.832" in comparison to the 33" tire. So, whether youre looking for a mud terrain that can take you to hell and back or just look badass while youre shopping at the mall, the BFGoodrich KM3 is the all-around winner in my opinion. A 285/70/17 tire measures out to be roughly 32.7 tall. For this article, if we use example tires like P26570R17 and 28570R17. I used to have 285/75/17's (34") but downsized to 285/70/17 (33") due to power and looks. When pushed through rain, snow, ice, the Kanatis provide solid traction and stability with minimal wear over time. Whether you are looking for a Highway, All-Terrain (AT) or Mud-Terrain (MT), this overview will help you decide which type, style and brands might be best for your driving style. For the serious off-roader who is looking to wheel in the snow or rocky terrain with a need for great on-road traction getting there, the Goodyear Duratracs have been depended on for decades and maybe a good option. Not sure if that is noticeable but perhaps. Also keep in mind that the weather condition in the area where you live. I love Toyo R/T's but they are spendy!! This increased height will also help to prevent overheating which is why many tires fail. I would imagine these would have pushed into their late 60K mile or even early 70K mile mark if you asked them. Think I'll stick with my stock wheels too (at least for now). NOTE: The width of a tire is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters, not the contact patch only. Moreover, users have positive opinions when comparing these two types of tires in the snow. Wow, best tire review article Ive read yet. Needless to say, revisiting this guide and considering a move to Cooper AT3 XLT, Hi guys, do any of you know if I can install this size 285/70/17 of tires on my 4runner if I already installed a rough country 3IN SUSPENSION LIFT kit without having any issues of rubbing.Thanks. Buyers usually want to find an MTs that is very aggressive off-road with a well-manned on-road behavior, in other words; not loud. Ok, so I went with the 285/70R17 Duratracs. For example, 265 means that the width is 265 millimeters and 285 means that it is 285 millimeters. If you are unsure which option is suitable for your vehicle, take a look at our comprehensive tire guide to find out!